About us

is an intercultural and transdisciplinary association dedicated to art and education. A collective that undertakes actions based on a laboratory methodology as a space for research, experimentation, and creation. It is a laminated, continuous drift in which proposals and questions unfold, stretching the imagination. An inexhaustible journey.

Currently, we are active in Argentina, Spain, and Mexico.


Foster: Spaces of experimentation-action-reflection, the dynamization of ideas and languages, responsibility, effort, love towards things, the environment, people, freedom of ideas and languages, the enriching encounter of cultures.

Prevent: Forgetting historical facts, anti-ecological behavior models, apathetic, alienated social systems.

Promote: Cultural manifestations, diverse/common languages, internal/collective reflections, art for coexistence, sustainable exchange relationships.

Enjoy: The world, art, childhood, social, work, personal relationships, people, ideas, actions.

Artistic Laboratory:

Where we study, read, and debate the artistic principles that guide and motivate us. Here, we experiment with new trends in theater, music, and dance, both on a physical and intellectual level. It’s a ‘take on art,’ an aesthetic responsibility that involves ethics. Also, a relationship ‘courteous as traditionally existed between the host and their guest,’ meaning entering different art zones like entering a new space where doors and windows open, where others speak, and it’s about understanding, dialoguing (whether with rhythm, color, or word).

The more we advance in the artistic experience, the more personal, more singular, the experience becomes, and the artwork is the necessary expression of a ‘rich’ subjectivity that connects with the collective. In this era – sensed (or known) for decay or serious conflicts – it will be the expressions of art that will emanate the signs of a ‘humanly’ alive life.

Educational Laboratory:

Where we investigate methodologies to find our own, one that defines us, open, creative, bidirectional, and linked to art. We believe that educating is transmitting, that is, transferring knowledge from one side to another, emitting signs, learning and unlearning until finding one’s own expression, always connected with the expression of others.

We believe in education and transmission as the form that prompts thinking and therefore allows us a critical attitude. Education is a vital and permanent process, a commitment to knowledge that implies a solid construction towards the best of humanity.

For more information: akantaros@gmail.com