What do we offer?

Research: For Akántaros, the question about the diversity of matter weaves into every structure, calling for the exploration of the multiple facets of the things in the world. We conduct social and artistic research in a constant interweaving of the theoretical with the practical, moving between them from an ethical and aesthetic standpoint. Nurturing, maintaining, supporting, caring for, and strengthening the terrain of community exchanges.
At Akántaros, we propose research in a state of alertness.

Training and workshops/seminars/training/conferences. Transmission as the form that stimulates thought, allowing us a critical attitude. Education is a vital and ongoing process, a commitment to knowledge that involves a solid construction towards the best of humanity.

Theatrical works, installations, and performances. Artistic practices allow us to resonate with collective ways of being. Spaces/times of experimentation-action-reflection, the dynamization of ideas and languages.

Mediation, curations, advice, production: We act with juxtapositions, views from points of contact, tensions, and loose spaces, creating a social bond and its continuity in the plot.

In the following areas/lines:
Performing Arts: theater, dance, performance, action art, body techniques.
Literary Arts: writing, readings, promotion, devices related to the book object.
Recreation: playrooms, toy libraries.
Environmental Education.
Education for Peace.

También les invitamos a visitar “Tiempo de jugar que es el mejor que ofrece investigaciones y creaciones vinculadas al juego.