Begin part

Being part of Akántaros implies the possibility of generating new tissues/networks. We’ve been creating, researching, and activating community processes for 20 years.
We invite you to interact, to be part.
That’s why we invite you to support us.

• Sharing the newsletter.
• Making contributions: reflections, questions via the following email:
• Economic collaboration.

  1. Being a member.

The possibility of being a member allows you to attend our general assemblies, observe the working dynamics from within, and provide proposals. To be part, write to the email:

  1. Voluntary contribution.

Akántaros carries out its actions through self-management. To continue more smoothly and sustain its internal structure, our collective needs financial support. Therefore, any contribution is of great help.
Bank account: Triodos Bank ES82 1491 0001 2621 63747120, indicating “Donation” in the concept.

Thank you very much!