Intercultural and Transdisciplinary Association dedicated to Art and Education.

Collaborative and transformative creative processes

A collective that carries out actions based on a laboratory methodology as a space for research, experimentation, and creation; in constant dialogue with the context and its unpredictabilities. It’s a laminated, continuous drift, where proposals and questions unfold, stretching imaginations. We aim to bring closer and share the work of Akántaros that has been ongoing since the year 2000 in constant participatory actions and community processes. We invite you to explore it and follow the proposal at a local and international level. Call you to an endless journey.


We conduct social and artistic research in a constant intertwining of the theoretical with the practical. Movements from one to the other are made from an ethical and aesthetic standpoint.


Stage productions, installations, and performances. Artistic practices allow us to resonate with collective ways of being. Spaces/times of experimentation-action-reflection, the dynamization of ideas and languages.


Workshops/laboratories/seminars/training/conferences. Transmission as the form that prompts thinking, and therefore allows us a critical attitude. Education is a vital and permanent process, a commitment to knowledge that implies a solid construction towards the best of the human experience.


Cultural manifestations, diverse/common languages, internal/collective reflections, art for coexistence, sustainable exchange relationships.


Texts, articles, books; it’s about disseminating, communicating, giving.

Community Practices

Activated through juxtapositions, perspectives from points of contact, tensions, and loose spaces, creating a social bond and its continuity in the fabric.

Poetic Action

This space invites us to arrange various materials accessible from any point on the map, where each point becomes a center.

Being a part

Being a part of Akántaros implies the possibility of generating new fabrics/networks.

We work

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Intercultural and transdisciplinary association dedicated to art and education. A collective that carries out actions based on a laboratory methodology as a space for research, experimentation, and creation.